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A Pair of Shuey Custom STI Open Pistols

Both pistols are .38 super rimless with a 16 oz. trigger and no free travel. The grips have been reshaped and trimmed in size. The top pistol has a "grif" texture and the lower gun has a "bark" texture for aggressive shooting. Both are hard chromed and has the Shuey proprietary over "travel/over cock" trigger design. These pistols shoot extremely fast, soft and flat. All major components are over siged, then machined to match tolerances to ensure extreme accuracy reliability with extended service life.

All Shuey Custom pistols are guaranteed for life.



(Left) The grip has been slimed and has a "grit" surface. Rear of fame is slimmer and the safeties are chamfered like no other.

(Center) Cocking Serrations are enhanced. Many options are available.

(Right) Slide and Com are lightened by tri-topping. Additional slide lightening is done at the rear.






�2004 Marta Johns  


Gene Shuey  
     Master Gunsmith (Owner) 
 Shop: (775) 246-7662