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SHUEY CUSTOM STI Spartan Pistol                        

Shuey Custom built on an STI single stack frame. Undercut trigger guard with 30 lpi. Checkering in the front and rear of the grip. Deep leveled magazine well and reclused mainspring housing. A C and S FSF ambi safety system compliment a 2.5 pound ultra crisp trigger. All surfaces are heavily chamfered and polished.

A custom grip safety allows for quick and comfortable shooting The frame and XXXXX is represents almost five decades of custom gun building and competition.  Gene Shuey has hard chromed and has carbon fiber stocks.

This pistol will be the WNFL raffle pistol in Nevada State Championship. For further information go to www.wnpl.org


SHUEY CUSTOM                         New updates  July 2008

Shuey Custom represents almost five decades of custom gun building and competition.  Gene Shuey is a world class custom gun builder, a former world class competitive shooter and current trainer as well.  Along with people such as Jeff Cooper, Ray Chapman, Thel Reed, Jack Weaver, Eldon Carl and John Phlane,  Gene helped create, develop and produce the current handgun shooting sports we see at ranges across the United States today.  Gene continues to teach people interested in shooting sports, gunsmithing and the world of bodybuilding.

Note:  Gene Shuey, former U.S. Marine also won Mr. America in 1960 and placed second for the Mr. Universe contest in 1962.

Shuey Custom Guarantee

Shuey Custom guns are hand built to levels of perfection that few gunsmiths have ever achieved in the last fifty years.  Shuey Custom guns are precisely designed and constructed to meet state of the art engineering specifications and fully tested prior to our customers taking delivery.  Our parts and materials are the very finest available today.  For these reasons, all Shuey Custom guns are guaranteed for the life of the pistol.

Shuey custom Vision

To continue being the premiere source of the world's finest handguns for the most discriminating shooters.  Shuey Custom will  pursue its' excellence in handgun perfection and continue to provide only the finest and most reliable handguns to Special Ops, Intelligence and Civilian professionals who can't afford failure.

�2004 Marta Johns  


Gene Shuey  
     Master Gunsmith (Owner) 
 Shop: (775) 246-7662

Jeffrey Johns  
     Gunsmith (Associate)  
 (775) 997-3402