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The above grip has a full custom grip enhancement: a rounded and undercut trigger guard and the trigger area has been reshaped and enlarged. The grip area has been reshaped and a "bark" texture added.

Three Shuey Custom Glocks with a full grip enhancement.

The finger grooves have been removed and a front wrap-around "barb" texture provides an absolute non slip surface.


  A grip reduction with a reshaped "heel" muck like a 1911 in feel and pointability. The rear of the grip is of solid polymer that is a Shuey Custom propriety process. No epoxy is used and is not affected by temperature or recoil. A full wrap around grip texture ensures a maximum non slip finish.

A Glock M21 with a standard length magazine and an added reshaped and textured mag sleeve to match the grips shape and contour.

A unique method of extenidng a short grip by using a standard length magazine.


�2004 Marta Johns  


Gene Shuey  
     Master Gunsmith (Owner) 
 Shop: (775) 246-7662