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Manual Safety Kit for Glock Pistols by Cominolli Custom

At Shuey Custom, we proudly offer the Cominolli Custom safety for Glock pistols.  We are an authorized service station by both Glock and Cominolli.

Cominolli Custom Safeties for Glock Pistols offer the following:

  • Ergonomically designed and located

  • Positive engagement and disengagement

  • With manual safety engaged, all three Glock passive safeties are locked in place

  • Pistol can be loaded and unloaded with manual safety engaged, thus diminishing the chance of an unintentional discharge

  • Long wearing stainless steel; hard chrome plated parts

  • Low luster, black tactical finish safety lever

    �2004 Marta Johns  


    Gene Shuey  
         Master Gunsmith (Owner) 
     Shop: (775) 246-7662