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Shuey Custom is also a premier 1911 Auto pistol repair and service to include the following packages:

1911 Auto Pistol Trouble Shoot and Service Package

Full inspection of the 1911 Auto Pistols to include check of safeties, springs, condition of firing pin, extractor, ejector, slide and magazine release. Check condition of barrel, breech face and grip stocks. This includes test fire of the pistol for function and reliability. Shuey Custom will advise the customer if any parts require replacement. Customer is to furnish magazine and ammunition for testing.

Price: $ 70.00 plus shipping and handling

Note: Add $25.00 for detailed ultrasonic cleaning of 1911 Auto Pistols pistol if required.

Barrel and Ammo Test

Machine testing of customer's barrel and ammunition for accuracy at 50 yards.

  • Certified target results returned to customer
  • One barrel with eight rounds commercial match ammunition and eight rounds of customer's ammunition

Price: $50.00 plus shipping and handling

Note: Additional ammunition of eight rounds per firing is $10.00

*Each barrel is cleaned after every eight round firing session. Customer barrel testing is done once per month depending on weather conditions.

1911 Auto Pistol Reliability Package

  • Check head space and barrel lock up
  • Adjust and polish frame and barrel feed ramps
  • Throat barrel
  • Polish breech face
  • Check springs for proper function and weight
  • Check trigger and safeties for proper function and operation
  • Check magazine release for smoothness of magazine insertion and drop
  • Tune ejector
  • Tune extractor
  • Test fire with customer's magazine and ammunition

Price: $145.00 plus shipping and handling

1911 Auto Pistols Trigger Package (Colt series 70-80 and Colt Clones)

We can provide a lighter trigger pull along with smoother operation of the firing control system upon request. Customer will be contacted if additional parts or fitting is required.

Price: $165.00 (Colt series 70 style and Colt Clones) plus shipping and handling.

Price: $180.00 (Colt series 80 style and Colt Clones) plus shipping and handling.

Call for details and further pricing.


1911 Auto Pistol Accuracy Enhancement Package
  • Custom fit stainless steel match grade barrel
  • Barrel bushing and link
  • Refinish breech face
  • Recrown barrel if necessary

For improved accuracy, a trigger job and or replacement of the sight system may be necessary depending on the individual pistol.

Price: $440.00 (non-ramped barrel) plus shipping and handling

Note: Add $65.00 for ramped barrel if frame requires machining

Price includes match grade barrel, bushing, custom barrel link with installation, feed ramp modification to ensure feeding reliability, proper head space, test fire, laser bore sighting and test target.

Note: customer to get accurate, reliable and sighted in pistol with target. Customer to be provided with test target.

1911 Auto Pistols Sight Systems

For all 1911 Auto Pistols: Military, Police and Civilian standard design pistols, Shuey Custom offers an upgrade:

  • Novak sights, Wilson Combat sights, Heinie sights, Bomar sights, etc.
  • Tritium or non-tritium sights
  • Low profile sights with extended sight radius
  • Narrower front sight for better accuracy
  • Adjustable rear sight as an option

Sight systems priced according to the sights requested by the customer. The above are sights are ones currently offered, however, other sights are available and priced accordingly.

Slide, Frame and miscellaneous parts refinishing
  • Melamine resin coating: colors- black, olive and tan
  • Hard Chrome
  • Hard Chrome matte finish
  • Hard Chrome with polished slide
  • Boron Carbide finish (matte black)
  • Parkerized finish (matte black)
  • Black oxide finish
  • Other finishes upon request
  • Surface grind slide/frame

Price depends upon type of finish requested by customer. Call for pricing.

Please inquire for additional work and modifications as per your individual needs.

 �2004 Marta Johns  




Gene Shuey  
     Master Gunsmith (Owner) 
 Shop: (775) 246-7662